Hydrant Hysteria

June 9 - 12 | Exposition: June 10 - 12 | Colorado Convention Center | Denver, CO | USA


Congratulations to the 2018 winners!

First: City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Section, 1:14.10

Second: City of Sacramento, California/Nevada Secton, 1:25.57

Third: City of Des Plaines, Illinois Section, 1:30.78


2019 Presenting Sponsor

Competition Championship Sponsor


Hydrant Hysteria Hall of Fame

2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hydrant Used: M&H 129 Hydrant
First: Bloomington Blue Birds, City of Bloomington, Minnesota Section, 1:33:60
Second. Sacramento Hydromaniacs, City of Sacramento Dept. of Utilities, California – Nevada Section, 1:35:69
Third: Midnight Hydrant Repair, Milwaukee Water Works, Wisconsin Section, 1:58:97

Hydrant Hysteria FAQ’s

What is Hydrant Hysteria?
Hydrant Hysteria is a fast-paced competition where two-member teams assemble a specified hydrant as quickly as they can.

Where is it held?
Hydrant Hysteria Competitions are often held during AWWA Section Conferences. The national-level of this Competition is conducted at AWWA’s Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE).

Who is eligible to enter?
One two-member team may participate from each Section. In addition, the local host may send a second team. In the case of more than one local host, only one team may enter from the locality. In addition, each team member must be an individual, active, operations member of AWWA or a regular employee of a utility member or organization member. Each participating team represents an AWWA Section.

How can the Section winner enter the national Hydrant Hysteria Competition?
Each two-person team must pre-register for the national Hydrant Hysteria Competition using an online registration form. Please register by the deadline provided so that the competition coordinators can accommodate all teams.

Must Competitors register for the Conference?
No, it is not necessary for competitors to register for the entire conference unless they plan to attend professional sessions, etc. Complimentary exhibit hall badges will be provided to participants so they can gain admittance to the hall on the day of the competition.

What is the prize?
A plaque or trophy will be awarded to the 1st- and 2nd- place winners at the national-level contest. The 1st place team will have their expenses reimbursed to compete in the following year’s contest at the AWWA Annual Conference, subject to AWWA expense policies.

What brand of hydrants are used?

Sponsoring manufacturers and the Hydrant Hysteria Subcommittee determine the yearly hydrant featured. This hydrant is specified on the Hydrant Hysteria web page.


Is your company interested in providing InKind materials for a competition?

Please complete the attached InKind Material Sponsor Expression of Interest Form. Completed forms can be sent to the Competition Coordinator.  

Tuesday, June 11

Women's Preliminaries: 11:00-12:00 

Men's Preliminaries: 12:30-5:00 p.m. 

Wednesday, June 12

11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.   Semi-Finals and  Finals

Registration has now closed.

If you have questions, please contact the Competition Coordinator, 303.347.6196.

Team Name – Men  Competitor Names Section Utility
 Hydrant Team 6  Jud Kirkness & Joseph D. Swain Alaska City & Borough of Sitka
 City of Columbus  Mark Evans, Jon Good, & James Roberts Ohio  City of Columbus Public Utilities 
Virginia Beach Hydrant Team Thomas Burnett, Michael D. Sherwood II, & Matt Hood Virginia City of Virginia Beach Public Utilities
 City of Battle Creek Andrew Matthews & Reuben West Michigan City of Battle Creek 
 WaterOne Steve McMullin, Tyler Nickle, & Ethan Smith Kansas WaterOne
 Wauconda Forever Bart Romero & Mark Gedde Illinois City of Wauconda 
 Deuces Wild Mark Luberts, Ryan Witte, & Michael Lomlan California-Nevada Las Vegas Valley Water District 
 Carmel Water Shawn Cooksey & Matt McNulty Indiana City of Carmel Water Department 
 Sacramento Hydromaniacs Arnoldo Herrerra, Ramazan Sumovic, & Cesar Limon  California-Nevada City of Sacramento-Dept. of Utilities 
 THT Ethan Wagner & Jon Ouzts South Carolina Greenwood Commission of Public Works 
 Hard Corr Shane Carroll, Bobby Hepner, & Alfredo Vances Texas City of Round Rock 
 Gladiators Chad Bauer & Justin Johnson Minnesota  Bloomington Utilities 
 Midnight Hydrant Assassins Nick Cefalu, Aaron Anderson, & Ian Cira Wisconsin Milwaukee Water Works 
 CT Water Justin Baker New England  The Connecticut Water CO
 2 Men 1 Hydrant Matthew Rody, Daniel Collins, & Jim Wielebnicki Rocky Mountain City of Westminster 
 Minor Leakage Kaden Ellis, Gionne Ficco, & Brandon Santang Rocky Mountain City of Westminster 
 Denver Water Miguel Zarvo, Corey Large, & Huey Wooten Rocky Mountain Denver Water 
 Magic City Mechanics Kyle Swiney, Dusty Murphy, & Jordan White Alabama-Mississippi Birmingham Water Works Board 
 Water Boys Samuel Howard II & Walter Kennedy Florida JEA 
 Bolton Point Water Jordan Betts & Dan Workman New York Bolton Point Water Systems 
 Fairfax Water Sawyer Buel, Richard Emerson & John Ryan Virginia Fairfax Water 
 Covington Water Jeff Gree, Tyler Howard, & Steve Butcher Pacific Northwest Covington Water 
 City of Hillsboro Victor Fujinami, Brady Steinmetz, & Kody King Pacific Northwest City of Hillsboro 
 Glendale Arizona Tony Lytton Arizona City of Glendale 
 Bristol County Water Authority David Dasilva & Nicholas Deveau New England Bristol County Water Authority 
 Hydrant Holliganzzz Shaun Lee, John Maco, & Steven Southam Pennsylvania Lehigh County Authority 
 CU Water Dogs Marc Kauffman, Shane Callaway, & Eric Pebbles Missouri City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri 


Team Name – Women  Competitor Names Section Utility
 Master Builders  Nicole Woods, Sabrina Parker, & Aaron Wasko  Kansas City of Olathe
 Wicked Hydras Stacy Larkin, Cesar Limon, and Elizabeth McAllister   California-Nevada City of Sacramento
 Pink Water Monsters Katherine Villagomez Illinois City of Chicago Water Dept. 
 Hydra Minis Elyse Cheung-Sutton, Jamie McKinley, and Roxanne Dilley California-Nevada City of Sacramento 
 Bama Belles Terry King, Frerica Smith, Tim Harris & April Nabors  Alabama-Mississippi Birmingham Water Works Board 
 Brozettes Renaldo Aldaca, Jaclyn Alm, & Amy Peterson Arizona City of Surprise 
 Hot Mess Express  Courtney Sowell, Jennifer Klidies, & Michael Olivarez  Texas Corpus Christi Water Utilities Department 
M&H Valve Company 


AWWA specifically does not endorse products manufactured by sponsors and takes no position concerning the adequacy of such products or their compliance with any AWWA Standard. AWWA Sections and competitors may use the hydrant of their choice for the regional competition, provided it meets the specifications listed in the competition rules.