Platinum & Charging Station

OGS & YP Networker


GM Dinner, Partnership Luncheon

Silver, Top Ops

Competition Championship, Advertiser

Session Signs, Headwaters Reception Leadership, Presenter Ready Room

Tote Bag, Meter Madness Presenting, Advertiser

Tote Bag, Pipe Tapping Presenting, Public Officials Breakfast


Water Industry Lunch, Advertiser

Exhibitor Plus

Exhibitor Plus

Tote Bag

Self Reg Kiosk, Advertiser

Tote Bag

Exhibit & Product Directory Kiosk, Advertiser

Water Industry Lunch

Water Industry Lunch

Water Industry Lunch

Mobile App

Coffee Bar

Pocket Guide

Legal Program

Breakfast for Champions, YP Networker

Water Filling Station



Hydrant Hysteria

Coat & Bag Check

Diversity & Inclusion Networking Event

International Resource Center

First Time Attendee Program

Best of the Best Taste Test

MOTOWN at the Clocktower Cabaret

Public Officials Breakfast

Pipe Tapping Bleacher Cushions

Public Officials Breakfast

Drawstring Bag

Pipe Tapping Wet Vacs

Pipe Tapping Shirts

Public Officials Breakfast

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Legal Program Lunch

Media Partners